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Here's what I've been performing in lately. Click the links below for stories, photos, and videos.

02 Mar

Last night’s opening of Speakeasy Dollhouse: The Brothers Booth was sold out and packed to the gills!  I had a great time portraying John Singer Sargent and interacting with various audience members (some of whom were cast members of The […]

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16 Oct

I will be appearing in the show Obedient Steel this November, the new show written by Chloe Brown and Directed by Rebecca Wear.  The show is produced by Tugboat Collective and will be presented at the Here Arts […]

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15 Oct

I was just cast in the role of Harris in the new short film Down, Boy.  The role is really amazing and twisted… Plus, violence!  Lots of violence!  Can’t wait to work with these guys…  

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13 Oct

I have continued to appear in the interactive theatre show Speakeasy Dollhouse, which is about to celebrate its two-year anniversary in NYC.  I’ve played a variety of roles in the show, but my current regular role is as Cousin […]

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02 Oct

That’s right… A show in which I had a recurring role is being sold as a bootleg on the streets of China.  As far as I’m concerned, I have arrived.  

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19 Sep

I appear in the new short film The Junkyard, directed by Madeline Manning.  Check out a production still above and visit the Facebook page here.  

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31 Aug

Here are some photos from Amy Virginia Buchanan’s On Fonts.  I joined Amy and director Claire Moodey for a two-week residency at the Peñasco Theatre in New Mexico.  We then presented the show at the new venue Cloud City in […]

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16 Jul

Update: We got a fantastic review from Kacey Stamats on… Here’s a snippet. Salish is original in both its poetic language and its many narrative twists and turns…. E. James Ford as Herald warmly welcomes the audience at the […]

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11 Jul

Speakeasy Dollhouse, in which I appear as “Cousin Frankie,” was featured as part of a story on interactive and immersive theatre titled “The Walls Come Tumbling Down“.  The piece was written by Diep Tran, who actually joined our […]

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06 May

Last week, I read a couple of stories for Liar’s League NYC at the KGB Bar.  Liars’ League NYC is a monthly live literary journal featuring professional actors reading original short stories by both up-and-coming and well-established […]

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