07 Dec


It has been about a month since The Dreary Coast finished its run, and I’m still not entirely sure if it happened.  Every time I describe it to people it sounds like I’m explaining some weird dream I had:

Well, I was in hell, but it was also sort of Brooklyn?  And a bunch of my friends were there and we were in the basement of this church, because we were demons and we had to put on a play.  And then I was driving this boat with all these people staring at me and we saw this funeral that happened right next to a Whole Foods.

Anyway, people who are way better writers, photographers, and videographers have already summed up the experience much better than I ever could.  So please look through the press below to get a glimpse into The Dreary Coast.

How To Stage A Secret Play On New York City’s Most Festering, Polluted Waterway by Carly Schwartz. Huffington Post

A River to Hell, Reeking but Rhapsodic by Alexis Soloski. New York Times

Gowanus Canal Becomes Highway To Hades For The Dreary Coast by John Del Signore. Gothamist

‘The Dreary Coast’ Slideshow. New York Times

The Dreary Coast: A theatrical tour of Brooklyn’s most polluted canal. The Guardian



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