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30 Dec

I had the pleasure of appearing on the WFMU radio program Dr. Gameshow with Jo Firestone. Listeners submit game show ideas and we play them on the air and rate them. Listeners are encouraged to call in […]

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07 Dec

It has been about a month since The Dreary Coast finished its run, and I’m still not entirely sure if it happened.  Every time I describe it to people it sounds like I’m explaining some weird dream […]

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03 Dec

I had the opportunity to, once again, participate in the Liar’s League NYC storytelling series. Here’s a recording of me reading Ruption by Sarah Evans Click the play button to listen to Ruption by Sarah Evans, read […]

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31 Aug

I once again had the pleasure of working with the fine folks at title:point productions on their new original piece Everything of Any Value, performed at the Silent Barn in August of 2014.   You can (and should) […]

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15 Jun

No, YOU Tell It! is a “switched-up” storytelling series where performers write their own true-life tale, and then trade with a partner to present each other’s story.  I partnered with the amazing talents of Nicole Greevy. On […]

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17 May

BitchTwitch is a brand new Rock Musical about the kidnapping of fading popstar Vicki Presh by the Mu-Sik Liberation Front. Featuring the music of DirtBikes and performed at music clubs all around NYC, it was amazing to […]

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